A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle: 3/8/2008; Mrs. Dale Riddle Pierce passed us the torch. 3/11/2008; we ran with the brand.

Mrs. Pierce said “Build your business, build your brand, and build your community. Get involved! Volunteer! Create events that allow you to connect with people; the best way to acquire clientele is to make friends, make lots of friends. Always go the extra mile to help your friends.”

Three months later; we launched Comedy & Cocktails. We’re still enjoying good laughs and great drinks with friends!

One year later; we launched Scribes & Vibes. On FRIDAY, March 21, 2014 at CLUB 908; we will celebrate the Scribes & Vibes 5 Year Anniversary with friends [some old, some new].

Mrs. Pierce: Thanks again for passing us the torch. In addition; thanks for telling us to secure the domains and social media profiles for our brands.

Sara: We need you! Thanks again for everything!

Friends: Thank you for the support. We enjoy assisting you with your design & print needs. It’s always a pleasure to learn more about you and your business.

We look forward to seeing you at Small Business Luncheon on March 20th or Scribes & Vibes meets Comedy & Cocktails on March 21st.


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