Expressable Ink ™ is a Marketing Firm that offers Graphic Design and Copywriting paired with Printing, Marketing, and Event Management services to increase sales & publicity.


Purveyors of Art & Copy

Expressable Ink ™ is where Visual Arts and Literary Arts are positioned to personify
and visually interpret the identity, message, and/or vision of corporations.


We paint a collage of imagery and insignia across mediums to verbalize brands.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create Art and Copy – the nonverbal and verbal elements of message strategy – in Corporate Communications.


Brand Recognition

In addition to crafting Art & Copy, we are Artisans of a remarkable promotional mix. Brands win & retain clients with our fusion of Sales Promotions, Co-Branding Campaigns, and Advertising.


Expressable Ink ™ presents…

Comedy & Cocktails ™ | @comedycocktails | #comedyandcocktails

Comedy & Cocktails ™ features established & emerging Comedians paired with classic & craft Cocktails.

Info: info@comedyandcocktails.com


Scribes & Vibes ™@scribesandvibes | #scribesandvibes

Scribes & Vibes ™ features a beautiful blend of poetry, music, and art.

Info: info@scribesandvibes.com


Small Business Luncheon ™@luncheons | #smallbusinessluncheon

Small Business Luncheon ™ features a blend of Business Lunch and Professional Development.

Info: info@smallbusinessluncheon.com


Martini Mondays ™ | @martinimondays | #martinimondays

Martini Mondays ™ features a martini tasting, business networking opportunities, and live entertainment.

Info: info@martinimondays.com


Copyright ©2008 – 2015 Expressable Ink, Inc., All Rights Reserved



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