“Talking Business After Hours is great… talking business after hours with a Martini is even better.” –www.martinimondays.com

Expressable Ink™ created Martini Mondays ™ to produce after work martini mixers [held on Mondays] that enable you to market directly to your target audience and to expand the visibility of your small business while socializing and forming new alliances.

Martini Mondays ™ features a martini tasting, business networking opportunities, and live entertainment.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to encourage and promote relationship marketing, business-to-business networking, and classic & signature martinis.

Our Story

Martini Mondays ™ marvels professionals with a mixture of martini tasting and business mixer.  Currently; Martini Mondays ™ is working to return as a relationship marketing, business mixer from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Martini Mondays ™ encompasses social & economic components to help Small Business Professionals Retain and Win Clients.

Martini Mondays ™ provides an opportunity for you to discuss business after hours and network with business professionals.

Our Events 


Martini Mondays ™ will begin with Cocktail Hour at 5 pm and continue with Business Networking at 6 pm; held at CLUB 908.

Currently, we are seeking to coordinate after work martini mixers with like-minded individuals and/or organizations.

Our Calendar 

Martini Mondays ™


5:00 pm Martini Reception & 6:00 pm Business Mixer

RSVP: 678-404-1644

Info: info@martinimondays.com

Make No Mistake About Us… Stay connected with Martini Mondays ™ for official updates & ticket offers.

Events: www.martinimondays.com
Tickets: www.martinimondays.net
Updates: www.twitter.com/martinimondays

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