The Cool

Expressable Ink™ created Scribes & Vibes™ to produce a beautiful blend of poetry, music, and art and to generate a notable Starbucks Experience at Starbucks Conyers. We rejuvenated the world’s number one coffeehouse, every 2nd Saturday, from March 14, 2009 until March 10, 2012.

The Rebirth of Cool

By popular demand, Expressable Ink™ revived Scribes & Vibes™ to reinforce the library as a community locale and to generate a signature library experience at Stonecrest Library. 2nd Saturdays at Stonecrest Library begins at 1pm with the Authors Hour™ [a mixture of book signing, author reading, book talk, author meet up, and book drive] and continues with Scribes & Vibes™ [a fusion of art opening, open mic, poetry reading, music showcase, and book drive].

Purveyors of Coffeehouse Culture

Scribes & Vibes™ is where progressive minds gather for talk, entertainment, and a memorable library, bookshop, and/or coffeehouse experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage and promote literary, visual, and performing arts.

Our Events

Scribes & Vibes ™ held at Stonecrest Library on 2nd Saturdays begins with Authors Hour at 1 pm and continues with Open Mic & Featured Performances at 2 pm.

Our Calendar 

Scribes & Vibes ™ with Art Exhibits, Book Signings, and Open Mic Performances

“EVERY 2nd SATURDAY at Stonecrest Library”

1 pm @authorshour with Book Signings & Authors Meet Ups

2 pm @scribesandvibes with Open Mic Performances & Art Exhibits

RSVP: 678-404-1644

Info: info@scribesandvibes.com

Parking: Free Parking Available

Make No Mistake About Us… Stay connected with Scribes & Vibes ™ for official updates & ticket offers.

Events: www.scribesandvibes.com

Tickets: www.scribesandvibes.net

Updates: www.twitter.com/scribesandvibes 

Copyright ©2008 – 2015 Expressable Ink, Inc., All Rights Reserved


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